TTA - Tire Technology Alliance

 TTA is a German-Funded company dedicated in providing tire
technologies.TTA is located in Qingdao, Shandong ,China.TTA was
identified as “High – Tech Enterprise” since 2013. 

Introduction 3

TTA Story

Introduction 2

Chairman Words

Introduction 1

TTA Culture

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TTA Events

High-End Tire Line Development

High-End Line Development

Luxury Comfort Tire

Racing Car Tire

Run Flat Tire

AA Tire


TTA Cloud Design Platform

TTA Cloud Design Platforn

Tire Profile Design

Pitch Arrangement of Tire

Pattern Noise Analysis

Tire Noise Prediction


New Tire Plant Integration

New Tire Plant Integration

Process solution

WorkShop Construction Planning

New product Design

Equipment Selection


New Mixing Process Tech

New Mixing Process Tech

Single Step Mixing

Automatic Rubber Preparation

Sulfur Additive Preparation

Full Silica Compounding


New Process Control Tech

New Process Control Tech

Visco Meter Analyzer

Tack Measurement Analyzer

Cure Measurement Analyzer

Strip Conductivity Analyzer




Address:3F,Building 2,Minghui International Mansion,No.39 of Shiling Rd,Laoshan Area,Qingdao,China.